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The wallet is a virtual currency that a customer can use for purchase items. On pickbazar, there are three ways that can be used to generate wallet points for a customer.

Sign up points. Manually by admin Refund

Sign Up Points:

When new users sign up, they will get signup rewards points for the signup. You can set that signup points from admin -> settings


Manually By Admin:

You can give wallet points to a specific user from admin -> users




The third and final way is a refund. When the customer asks for a refund for the order, and you as an admin approve it, then the amount will be delivered to the customer as a wallet point.



Wallet Ratio:

You can set the conversion ratio for currency amount with wallet from admin -> settings


For example, you set 3 for the currency ratio. Now, if the customer asks for a refund that is 8$ price and you approve it, then the customer will get 8x3=24 wallet points. Similarly, if the customer tries to use this wallet to purchase an 8$ item, then the wallet deduction will be like this, 24/3=8$.