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FAQ PageContactTerms and conditionsFAQBreaking ChangesSupportChange LogVersion: 11.0.0 : MajorVersion: 10.6.0Version: 10.5.0Version: 10.4.0Version: 10.3.0Version: 10.2.0Version: 10.1.0Version: 10.0.0 MajorVersion: 9.1.0Version: 9.0.0 MajorVersion: 8.2.0Version: 8.1.0Version: 8.0.0 MajorVersion: 7.0.0 MajorVersion: 6.3.1Version: 6.3.0Version: 6.2.0Version: 6.1.0Version: 6.0.0 MajorVersion: 5.0.1Version: 5.0.0 MajorVersion: 4.6.0Version: 4.5.1Version: 4.5.0Version: 4.4.2Version: 4.4.1Version: 4.4.0Version: 4.3.0Version: 4.2.0Version: 4.1.0Version: 4.0.0 MajorVersion: 3.0.0 MajorVersion: 2.3.1Version: 2.3.0Version: 2.2.0Version: 2.1.0Version: 2.0.1Version: 2.0.0 MajorVersion: 1.3.0Version: 1.2.0Version: 1.1.0Version: 1.0.1Version: 1.0.0

Version: 11.0.0 : Major


Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Two new demos.
- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] One new product grid for flash deals.
- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop design facelift
- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Menu items updated
- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Footer updated
- [Enhancement] Pickbazar admin dashboard design facelift
- [Enhancement] Pickbazar vendor & Staff dashboard design facelift
- [Enhancement] Settings page is divided into multi parts.
- [Enhancement] User section divided into multiple layer for better management.
- [Enhancement] Shop section divided into multiple layer for better management.
- [Enhancement] Products section divided into multiple layer for better management.
- [Enhancement] Settings cache system for performance optimization.
- [Enhancement] Documentation updated
- [Enhancement] Database seeder added
- Settings seeder with Console command
- Demo FAQs seeder
- Demo refund reason & policy seeder
- [New Feature] Dashboard analytics section updated along with new analytics widgets
- [New Feature] Product Preview system added.
- [New Feature] Flash sale builder added
- [New Feature] Terms & Condition builder added
- Super admin can perform CRUD operation
- Vendor also can perform CRUD operation if and only if super admin enable this feature from settings.
- [New Feature] FAQs builder added
- Super admin can add FAQs for global scope
- Vendor can add FAQs based on his each shop
- [New Feature] Refund policy builder added
- [New Feature] Refund reason builder added.
- [New Feature] Product inventory route added
- [New Feature] Order transaction route added.
- [New Feature] Real-time notification system using Pusher
- Order notification
- Message notification
- Store notice notification
- [New Feature] New filter option added in different routes
- [New Feature] New Dashboard topbar
- With route searching
- Shop redirection & creating
- Order, Store notice & messaging dropdown bar
- New Profile navigation
- [Issue fix] Variable products issue fix on digital item
- [Issue fix] Route permission issue fix for Vendor & staff
- [Issue fix] Analytics issue fix on Staff user
- [Issue fix] Drafted product republish issue fix
- [Issue fix] Vendor page profile information issue fix
- [Issue fix] Currency cache issue fix
- [Issue fix] Product carting count issue based on available inventory
- [Issue fix] Messege converstation page CSS issue fix
- [Issue fix] Vendor root page shop grid issue fix
- [Issue fix] Variable product inventory increment/decerement issue fix based on ordering.
- [Issue fix] Application fresh installation issue fix.
- [Issue fix] OpenAI chatbot suggestion issue fix.
- [Issue fix] Order status issue fix during order from different vendor
- [Issue fix] Customer order details payment and order status fix in case of refund
- [Issue fix] Toast issue fix throughout the dashboard & shop project
- [Issue fix] User order note issue fix
- [Issue fix] Site logo issue fix
- [Issue fix] Minimum order amount issue fix
- [Issue fix] Multilingual issue fix for some text strings
- [Issue fix] CSS issue fix throughout the shop end

Version: 10.6.0

28 August 2023

- [Enhancement] Added currency in the exported Order Excel sheet
- [Enhancement] Modified Order details in both shop and admin panel
- [Issue Fix] Partial Wallet Payment
- [Issue Fix] Customer product review
- [Issue Fix] Send notification when order status changes
- [Issue Fix] Sorting and filtering issue fix for both Rest and Graphql

Version: 10.5.0

17 August 2023

- [New Feature] Shop Address autocomplete using Google map
- [Enhancements] External Product feature enhancements
- [Enhancements] International slug support added
- [Issue Fix] Import Export issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] Refund issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] Coupon date picker bug fixed

Version: 10.4.0

24 July 2023

- [New Feature] Google Maps find or Search Nearby shops
- [Issue Fix] Development mode build issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] Graphql playground issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] International Slug Generate Issue Fixed

Version: 10.3.0

12 July 2023

- [New Feature] Stripe Element support added
- [New Feature] Making sku unique
- [Issue Fix] Admin place order GraphQL
- [Issue Fix] FullWallet payment
- [Issue Fix] Change Payment Gateway as Guest user
- [Issue Fix] Admin File validation
- [Issue Fix] Wishlist Issue Graphql
- [Issue Fix] Full Order Details based on User Role
- [Issue Fix] Store notice

Version: 10.2.0

13 June 2023

- [New Feature] Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway
- [New Feature] Added Flutterwave Configure Documentation.
- [Enhancements] User Documentation added(Question,Review,Withdrawals,Coupon,Tax & Shipping)

Version: 10.1.0

30 May 2023

- [New Feature] Added Paymongo Payment Gateway
- [New Feature] Added bKash Payment Gateway

Version: 10.0.0 Major

15 May 2023

Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [New Feature] Set SMS Events from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer.
- [New Feature] Set Email Event from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer.
- [New Feature] Email Event Setting option
- [New Feature] SMS Settings for both Graphql and REST
- [New Feature] Added Setting Seeder
- [New Feature] New Console Command marvel:settings_seed
- [New Feature] Added Settings Dummy data seeder command
- [New Feature] Added OpenAI support in every possible description,
- Create Shop → Description,
- Create Manufacturer/Publication → Description,
- Create New Category → Details,
- Create Tag → Details,
- Create Author → Bio,
- Create Author → Quote,
- Create New Coupon → Bio,
- Create New Coupon → Description,
- Settings → Meta Description,
- Settings → OG Description
- [Enhancement] Added Video attribute for a product.
- [Enhancement] Order cancel Recalculate
- [Enhancement] Order Note attribute added for Order
- [Enhancement] Guest Checkout Enable/Disable option on setting
- [Enhancement] Video Preview in Single Product view page
- [Issue Fix] Handled Unused Order Creation and other minor
- [Issue Fix] Fixed Settings issue.
- [Issue Fix] Search Page redirection issue fixed.
- [Issue Fix] Next router URL issue fixed on search component
- [Issue Fix] Homepage control issue fixed

Version: 9.1.0

15 May 2023

- [New Feature] OpenAI integration added.
- [New Feature] Generate product description with AI.
- [New Feature] Generate store notice with AI.
- [New Feature] Predefined prompt suggestions with appropriate tone for both product description and store notice.
- [New Feature] Added Country wise currency formation support

Version: 9.0.0 Major

2 May 2023

- [New feature] Multiple payment gateway management
- [New feature] Product publish management control [new feature]
- [New feature] Best selling product [new feature]
- [Enhancement] New color scheme for order status
- [Enhancement] Payment modal steps modified
- [issue fix] Product sale price
- [issue fix] Multi-language auto translation
- [issue fix] Related product
- [issue fix] product out-of-stock quantity
- [issue fix] Backend order status GraphQL
- [issue fix] Unpublished/hidden product add-to-cart

Version: 8.2.0

3 April 2023

- [New feature] Added Xendit (Southeast Asia) payment gateway
- [New feature] Added Iyzico (turkish) Payment Gateway
- [New feature] Added Email verification for all user and
- [New feature] Added Must verify email switch in the setting
- [Enhancement] Re-organized Exception handling for proper Rest status code

Version: 8.1.0

21 March 2023

- [New feature] Added Paystack Payment Gateway
- [New feature] Added SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway
- [issue fix] Fixed Default Card Issue

Version: 8.0.0 Major

15 March 2023

Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [System Upgrade] Upgraded Pickbazar API to Laravel 10 & all other packages
- [System Upgrade] Upgraded Pickbazar Admin to Next JS 13 & all other packages
- [System Upgrade] Upgraded Pickbazar Shop to Next JS 13 & updated all other packages
- [issue fix] Fixed permission issue
- [issue fix] Fixed Slug issue

Version: 7.0.0 Major

February 2023

- [New feature] Add Admin dashboard store notice CRUD for specific vendor/ All
- [New feature] Add Vendor profile store notice list with read unread feature
- [New feature] Add Staff profile store notice list with read unread feature
- [New feature] Add Vendor Shop dashboard store notice CRUD
- [New feature] Add Store notice in shop for customer.
- [New feature] Add google map autocomplete address form
- [New feature] Add useGoogleMap switch in settings
- [New feature] Add Dashboard Menu message for admin , store owner and staff

Version: 6.3.1

9 January 2023

- [issue fix] Minimum order amount calculation issue fix shop & admin
- [Enhancement] Razorpay Documentation added.

Version: 6.3.0

22 December 2022

- [New feature] Added Mollie payment gateway
- [New feature] Added percentage, free-shipping coupon option
- [New feature] Added automatic free-shipping coupon option
- [New feature] Added option to set minimum amount for coupon
- [Enhancement] Display customer name for guest checkout

Version: 6.2.0

12 December 2022

- [New feature] Added RazorPay (India) payment gateway
- [New feature] Added name input options for guest checkout
- [issue fix] Fixed single-order issue
- [issue fix] Fixed maximum question limit issue

Version: 6.1.0

8 December 2022

- [New feature] Added RazorPay (India) payment gateway
- [New feature] Added name input options for guest checkout
- [issue fix] Fixed single-order issue
- [issue fix] Fixed maximum question limit issue

Version: 6.0.0 Major

16 November 2022

Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [System Upgrade] Upgrade API to laravel 9
- [Enhancement] Restructure the entire payment gateway system
- [New feature] Added Stripe (Intent Based) and PayPal payment gateway
- [New feature] Added card management feature
- [Enhancement] Removed omnipay packages
- [New feature] Added support for status-based inventory management option
- [New feature] Added balance dispatch option based on status
- [New feature] Added option to disable cash on delivery system
- [New feature] Added product slug edit feature
- [issue fix] Fixed docker zip extension issue
- [issue fix] Fixed wallet points order issue
- [issue fix] Fixed order fail issue
- [issue fix] Fixed excel package cache issue
- [issue fix] Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- [issue fix] Fixed blank order created issue
- [issue fix] Fixed repeated new user wallet add issue for OTP login
- [issue fix] Fixed negative subtotal for coupon

Version: 5.0.1

16 August 2022

- [issue fix] Fixed dashboard recent withdraw issue
- [issue fix] Fixed vendor item edit path issue
- [issue fix] Fixed translation text issue
- [issue fix] Fixed add new address issue at backend booking
- [issue fix] Fixed admin profile image update issue
- [issue fix] Fixed composer v2 package installation issue
- [issue fix] Fixed category filter issue
- [issue fix] Fixed backend order address responsive issue

Version: 5.0.0 Major

7th July 2022

Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [New feature] Multilingual support added
- [New feature] Added toast notification after payment confirmation
- [issue fix] Fixed invoice issue for Unicode language
- [issue fix] Fixed wallet issue for social login
- [issue fix] Fixed file upload security issue
- [issue fix] Fixed book demo search page broken issue
- [issue fix] Fixed few minor bugs

Version: 4.6.0

18th April 2022

- [New feature] Introduced order export support
- [New feature] Introduced my question page
- [New feature] Introduced my report page
- [New feature] Added variation support for review
- [New feature] Added question rate limit option
- [New feature] Added email notification for questions
- [New feature] Added support for auto remove review after refund
- [New feature] Added support for fixed report limit
- [issue fix] Fixed review bugs
- [issue fix] Fixed zip upload placeholder issue
- [issue fix] Fixed logout issue for mobile device
- [issue fix] Fixed export-import issue

Version: 4.5.1

1st April 2022

- [issue fix] Fixed category create issue
- [issue fix] Fixed OTP form issue
- [issue fix] Fixed feedback issue
- [issue fix] Fixed route issue

Version: 4.5.0

1st March 2022

- [New feature] Introduced Review support for products
- [New feature] Introduced Report abusive review
- [New feature] Introduced Review Feedback
- [New feature] Introduced Question and Answer support for products
- [New feature] Introduced Q&A Feedback
- [New feature] Introduced Wishlist support
- [New feature] Introduced My wishlist page
- [issue fix] Fixed withdraw form balance issue
- [issue fix] Order Page selection issue fixed
- [issue fix] Packages version is locked to a fixed version
- [issue fix] Safari and Firefox scroll issue fixed
- [Enhancement] Out of stock notice

Version: 4.4.2

17th February 2022

- [System Upgrade] Upgrade shop component to tailwind 3
- [System Upgrade] Upgrade shop packages
- [issue fix] Fixed a few minor bugs

Version: 4.4.1

17th January 2022

- [New feature] Guest checkout support provided
- [New feature] Enable/Disable OTP in checkout option in admin settings
- [Enhancement] Restructured order details page.

Version: 4.4.0

10th January 2022

- [New feature] Digital Product support for both simple and variable product
- [New feature] New Book Demo introduced for digital download
- [New feature] Digital checkout page introduced
- [New feature] New search page introduced
- [New feature] Email newsletter subscription
- [New feature] Digital file download option
- [New feature] Backend order support
- [New feature] Variation specific image support
- [New feature] External product support
- [New feature] Author and Manufacturer support for products
- [Enhancement] Author and Manufacturer Archive page
- [Enhancement] Author and Manufacturer details page
- [Issue Fix] Rest vendor permission issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] Super admin role user creation issue fixed

Version: 4.3.0

25th October 2021

- [Issue Fix] Fixed rest home page query issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed admin product edit issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed iOS issue

Version: 4.2.0

18th October 2021

- [New feature] Wallet points
- [New feature] Refunds using wallet points
- [New feature] Signup wallet points

Version: 4.1.0

4th October 2021

- [New feature] Introduced new Layout(Daily Needs)
- [Enhancement] Moved sorting to table column in admin
- [Issue Fix] Added few missing translation

Version: 4.0.0 Major

26th August 2021

- [Enhancement] Folder structure changed
- [Enhancement] api namespaces and prefix changed
- [Enhancement] Changed console command prefix to "marvel"
- [Enhancement] Updated doc
- [Issue Fix] Delivery time selection bug fixed
- [Issue Fix] Rest order creation bug fixed

Version: 3.0.0 Major

22 August 2021

- [System Upgrade] Updated necessary packages to latest version
- [Enhancement] Restructured shop code
- [New feature] Added layout changing option in admin
- [New feature] Added group based layout system
- [New feature] Dynamic promotional slider
- [New feature] Type based promotional slider
- [New feature] Single checkout page
- [New feature] Added dynamic homepage selection settings
- [New feature] added contact details for admin in settings
- [Issue Fix] Fixed cart update check availability issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed color picker issue in order status form
- [Issue Fix] Fixed staff delete issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed Inactive shop orders page issue
- [Issue Fix] Order details rest variable product title issue fixed
- [Issue Fix] Missing translation updated
- [Issue Fix] Minor css fix

Version: 2.3.1

3rd August 2021

- [Issue Fix] mobile navigation issue in admin
- [Issue Fix] cart update checkout data
- [Issue Fix] analytics data issue

Version: 2.3.0

2nd August 2021

- [New feature] product import export
- [New feature] minimum order amount
- [Issue Fix] env issue foxed for API
- [Issue Fix] rest draft product issue
- [Issue Fix] group delete issue fixed

Version: 2.2.0

18th July 2021

- [New feature] OTP Login
- [New feature] OTP verification in profile contact
- [New feature] OTP verification in checkout customer contact
- [New feature] Added group banner adding an option in the admin dashboard
- [New feature] Dynamic delivery time added in settings.
- [Enhancement] Stripe latest API version support with token
- [Enhancement] Vendor email notification
- [Enhancement] Restructured checkout procedure
- [Enhancement] Minor design improvement

Version: 2.1.0

8th July 2021

- [New feature] Added Sorting for dashboard listing pages
- [New feature] Added Filtering for product and category in the admin dashboard
- [New feature] Added shop location and settings
- [New feature] Added google places autocomplete
- [Enhancement] Minor design improvement
- [Issue Fix] Fixed SSR issue in the shop
- [Issue Fix] Fixed shop single page not found issue

Version: 2.0.1

3rd July Friday 2021

- [Issue Fix] Fixed "Invalid Version: 2.0" issue

Version: 2.0.0 Major

1st July Wednesday 2021

Caution! Breaking Changes! see all breaking change list All Breaking Changes

- [New feature] Multivendor support
- [New feature] Single owner multiple shop
- [New feature] Withdraws
- [New feature] Order Management
- [New feature] Shop Management
- [New feature] Staff Management
- [New feature] Product Management
- [New feature] Attribute Management
- [New feature] Shop Archives
- [New feature] Shop details
- [New feature] Internationalization support with RTL
- [New feature] Product Tags support

Version: 1.3.0

16th June Wednesday 2021

- [Issue Fix] Product adding fix for rest api
- [Issue Fix] cart item delete fix for rest api

Version: 1.2.0

9th June, 2021

- [New feature] Added social authentication [ facebook & google ]
- [Issue Fix] Fixed password mismatched issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed GraphQL admin product display issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed GraphQL env issue
- [Issue Fix] Fixed few minor bugs

Version: 1.1.0

10th May Monday 2021

- [New feature] Variable Product support added
- [New feature] invoice download option added
- [New feature] SEO settings added
- [New feature] New modal layout design
- [New feature] New product single page layout design

Version: 1.0.1

Thursday 22 April 2021

- [Issue Fix] Fixed rest admin child product select issue

Version: 1.0.0

Thursday 14 April 2021

- Initial release.