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Purpose of this chapter is to help our users to identify the major changes he/she should notice before upgrading his/her existing application. It's always recommended to keep the current site & database backup before any upgradation.

Breaking Change Log Version: 11.0.0

Some new exiciting feature is added like Flash sale, FAQs builder for super admin & vendor shop, Terms & Condition builder etc. For that reason there were some changes introduced in the database level along with API, Admin & Shop end. Here is the given key points to know before any upgradation,

- Pickbazar admin dashboard design facelifted
- Dashboard analytics section updated along with new analytics widgets
- Settings page is divided into multi parts.
- Flash sale builder added
- Terms & Condition builder added
- Super admin can perform CRUD operation
- Vendor also can perform CRUD operation if and only if super admin enable this feature from settings.
- FAQs builder added
- Super admin can add FAQs for global scope
- Vendor can add FAQs based on his each shop
- Refund policy builder added
- Refund reason builder added, so that Super Admin can preset some refund reasons during customer asking for any refund.
- Product inventory route added
- Order transaction route added for better viewing about the recent transactions.
- User section divided into multiple layer for better management.

Some new database table is introduced along with some older table modification. So it's always safe to keep your existing database backup, then run migration for getting the new changes.

Breaking Change Log Version: 10.0.0

-Set SMS Events from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
- Set Email Event from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
- Email Event Setting option [New Feature]
- SMS Settings for both Graphql and REST [New Feature]
- Added Setting Seeder [New Feature]
- New Console Command marvel:settings_seed [New Feature]
- Added Settings Dummy data seeder command [New Feature]
- Added OpenAI support in every possible description like Create Shop → Description, Create Manufacturer/Publication → Description, Create New Category → Details,Add Tag → Details, Create Author → Bio, Create Author → Quote, Create New Coupon → Bio, Create New Coupon → Description, Settings → Meta Description, Settings → OG Description [New Feature]
- Added Video attribute for a product. [Enhancement]
- Order cancel Recalculate [Enhancement]
- Order Note attribute added for Order [Enhancement]
- Guest Checkout Enable/Disable option on setting. [Enhancement]
-. Video Preview in Single Product view page.[Enhancement]
- Handled Unused Order Creation and other minor [Issue Fix]
- Fixed Settings issue [Issue Fix].
- Search Page redirection issue fixed.[Issue Fix].
- Next router URL issue fixed on search component[Issue Fix].
- Homepage control issue fixed[Issue Fix].

Breaking Change Log Version: 8.0.0

- Upgraded Pickbazar API to Laravel 10 & all other packages
- Upgraded Pickbazar Admin to Next JS 13 & all other packages
- Upgraded Pickbazar Shop to Next JS 13 & updated all other packages
- Fixed permission issue
- Fixed Slug issue

Breaking Change Log Version: 6.0.0

- Upgrade API to laravel 9
- Restructure the entire payment gateway system
- Added Stripe (Intent Based) and PayPal payment gateway
- Added card management feature
- Removed omnipay packages
- Added support for status-based inventory management option
- Added balance dispatch option based on status
- Added option to disable cash on delivery system
- Added product slug edit feature
- Fixed docker zip extension issue
- Fixed wallet points order issue
- Fixed order fail issue
- Fixed excel package cache issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed repeated new user wallet add issue for OTP login
- Fixed negative subtotal for coupon

Breaking Change Log Version: 5.0.0

- Multilingual support added
- Added toast notification after payment confirmation
- Fixed invoice issue for Unicode language
- Fixed wallet issue for social login
- Fixed file upload security issue
- Fixed book demo search page broken issue
- Fixed few minor bugs

Breaking Change Log Version: 2.0.0

- Multivendor support
- Single owner multiple shop
- Withdraws
- Order Management
- Shop Management
- Staff Management
- Product Management
- Attribute Management
- Shop Archives
- Shop details
- Internationalization support with RTL
- Product Tags support